Wells Business Forum

See also: Wells Coastal Communities Team

Terms of Reference and Working Methods


The Wells Business Forum (WBF) has been set up to provide a forum for Wells businesses interested in promoting and supporting events in the Town and to exchange ideas and information to promote the Town.
The forum aims to:

  • To act as a portal to communicate with local businesses and receive feedback from businesses and communicate with the general public.
  • To facilitate a shared understanding between businesses
  • To discuss and address issues of common concern where they are within the remit of WBF.
  • To facilitate access to support and resources that are available from local authorities and other organisations
  • To exchange ideas and share examples of good practice

Steering Group

The WBF is comprised of a steering group that is open to any individuals from businesses in Wells who have an interest in promoting and supporting the Town.

Working Methods

Forum Meetings

  • The steering group will aim to meet once a month
  • Meeting topics will be generated by the steering group from feedback from other businesses and the general public
  • Other people may be invited to join forum meetings on a one-off basis to aid discussion of a particular topic

Sharing of information and resources

  • Through the forum meetings and social media (facebook and website) and the local magazine, the steering group will be able to share information and resources.
  • When sharing documents, the steering group will make copyright/use of documents and confidentiality clear.
  • If considered beneficial, the steering group will hold an open general meeting of all businesses to disseminate and or gain information.